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Love was a promise made of smoke
in a frozen copse of trees
12th-Dec-2011 01:13 pm - First Frost
baby's breath

Had an awesome walk to work early this morning. :)

- First thing that came on my iPod was You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne.
- Watched a builder quite hilariously swing a hammer at a huge nail in the ground, all casual and manly like, missed and sent the hammer flying over his shoulder.
- Saw a man in a van wearing a hi-via vest who looked nothing like Alan Rickman but whose resigned expression reminded me strongly of his character in Love Actually.
- Said hello to Mr Redbreast on the bridge overlooking the river where the willow trees were all glittering with frost.

9th-Nov-2011 03:02 am - Dear Jamie, Reprise

Eight months. Today should have been your 23rd birthday. God, I miss you. Everything reminds me of you. Starbucks, Nutella, MGMT, Stephen Fry.. even that seat in McDonalds that you sat in the night I took that drunken photo of you and Kyle.

I still can't believe I'll never see you again. So much has happened since you've been gone.. I haven't finished what you started yet, but I'm a few inches closer to the sunlight beyond the surface. You'd be proud. You'd probably fake-faint or check my temperature or something, but you'd be proud.

I wish you could see me now. Everything I am, all the happiness I feel when I'm with him, I owe to you. You taught me the courage I needed to get here.

Happy Birthday, HasuKimi. I love you.

24th-Oct-2011 06:06 pm - Good Riddance!


30th-Sep-2011 02:08 am - Op day
kermit YAY
Well, the wisdom teeth are officially no more. :)

Had no pain yet, local anaesthetic is still working. Can't wait to get back to Leicester. Missing a certain somebody a TONNE. :(
16th-Sep-2011 01:09 am - FINALLY

Just posted Chapter 19 of A&A, fyi. Enjoy! :)
31st-Aug-2011 06:52 pm - Voodoo Gods
ninja knitting

Hindu Goddess & Meditating Buddha string voodoo doll charms. Available on Etsy. :)
21st-Aug-2011 12:44 am - Pop goes the rockstar
kermit YAY

Brody: We got us a very handsome Red headed Baby Boy - Orrin Ryder Homme born on Friday the 12th of august , 7 lbs 12oz . Weez totes IN-LOVE.

Anthony Bourdain: @BrodyDalle please send baby smell. need hit.

Brody: @NoReservations bottled and on the way

12th-Aug-2011 06:24 pm - Riot Recount
oh damn

So the riots.

For those who haven't heard, England is currently under seige. Some kid got shot by a police officer in London and all Hell's broken loose in anger over it. Gangs of yobs are destroying our cities, our economy and our future. It's seriously like living in that movie, Over The Edge.

On Tuesday, when I was walking through the city centre here in Leicester to work around 3:30, everything seemed perfectly normal. The streets were heaving with shoppers as usual. On the way home, around 8:30, it was a totally different atmosphere. There were couples of hi-vis-jacketed police officers everywhere, and the clock tower was surrounded with groups of cowardly morons hanging around, waiting for something to happen.

I had some dinner, and around 9:30-10, Emma came in all of a fluster having just got back from Derby and walked home from the train station, because she'd had to get through a huge gang of armed guys in balaclavas at the gate to get in. Within a half hour, there were sirens and alarms going off all around outside, five or six helicopters buzzing overhead, yelling and smashes coming from the street; pictures were starting to emerge on Facebook of broken shop windows and riot squads, and we'd got word that a car had been set alight outside Nando's a few streets over.

The latter was what initially really freaked me out. Because our appartment is on the first floor, so we're up, but not that high up, and our living room window overlooks the building's car park, which usually holds half to a dozen cars at any given time. If someone torched just one of those cars close enough to our corner of the building and the petrol tank exploded, we'd have been gonners.

By this point, Mum had already called to check I got home from work safely, but I called her back when we saw forty odd people in hoodies coming down the street from the direction of the train station past the Mercury, hanging around the railings of the car park below, and she and Dad hopped in the car to come fetch us. I got on the phone to the police, worried for the Mercury security guy who was pretty fucking outnumbered, and in the most rapid response I've ever encountered in the police force we watched from between the blinds as a riot squad got into formation at the junction, prepared themselves and marched up the street, pushing them back.

When I got off the phone, Mum texted to say they were at about Kibworth, so we went and threw some shit in bags and got ready to make our escape as soon as they arrived. I wasn't even sure if they'd get through -- the city centre had been completely closed off by the police, and with the fight going on in front of the Mercury beyond the car park below our window at the back of the building, it seemed quite possible that we were going to have to somehow get from the gate, through the chaos to the closest road still allowing traffic through to get to the car in one piece.

Mum called me as they were nearing our street, though, and it was blocked by three police vans. She jumped out and explained the situation to someone -- that we were trapped on the other side and they'd come to fetch us and get out. They all pulled forward and let them through, and we literally chucked our bags and selves into the back seat and left.

We dropped Emma off at her boyfriend's place in Glenfield, so that she could still go to work the following morning. I, however, was mercifully off on Wednesday, so I went back to Corby for the night. When I got back the next day, everything seemed pretty normal again, but it was evening time so I guess we missed the big clean up.

I'm getting kind of antsy now, though, because I've heard it's supposed to kick off again tonight. I'm off work tomorrow, but I can't go home because I've got a free Saturday wristband to Leicester Summer Sundae Festival to help out with fundraising on the MacMillan bus with some of the youth group and see Newton Faulkner play. There's already people hanging around the little dark, secluded corner below my bedroom window behind the graveyard, drinking and shouting.

Also, no Joshua Jr. has been reported yet. The little dude is now officially late. I don't know how I'd stand it -- I'd be like, at the hospital going, Hi, induce me, now plz, ta.

12th-Aug-2011 12:43 am - If she don't pop soon, I will
kermit YAY


Before bed, can I just say:

1. I am geeking out so fucking bad over it being Brody Dalle's due date today -- the following two tweets from four hours ago especially.

"Omg that is so sweet, what a sweetheart, his eyes are so lovely and he's so stoked." (I'm guessing someone made a comment about hoping the baby has Josh's eyes, because they are indeed lovely and their daughter, Camille, was lucky enough to inherit them too.)

"I've been cleaning the house for weeks, packing, unpacking, folding, sweeping. I'm driving myself crazy. My dude thinks it's cute." (GUH. I WANT TO SEE HIS ADORABLE EXCITED FAAACE! :D)

2. I am writing for A&A, I swear, this scene's just still giving me hassle. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait in the end though.

Nighty-night. :)

PS -- Note to self: remember to come back and write about the riots and this Saturday when able to keep eyes open without the help of matchsticks.
20th-Jul-2011 08:37 pm - Back in Business
kermit YAY
My wireless is fixeddd! I has interneeeeetttttt! :D

So now it's not totally pointless writing more for A&A! Though I'm working a lot this week. But stay tuned, kids! There's an update around the corner, I SWEAR it.
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