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Love was a promise made of smoke
in a frozen copse of trees
18th-Jan-2012 11:26 pm
Jac and my dad are watching Legion, right now. Without me.

I asked Jac earlier if he'd like to watch it with me, because I want to refresh my memory in preparation for getting back to A&A. So we put the disc in and started getting drinks and stuff together, and Dad decides he wants to watch it too. I sit down waiting for everyone to be ready, and Dad's moaning at me to start it because he's got to be up early tomorrow.

We start the movie, but not long into it I pause it because I'm not comfy. Jac and I are laid across the sofa and the TV's at one end of it but slightly behind, so not only am I uncomfortable but I also can't see half of the screen. I get up to fix this by moving the sofa and Dad starts bitching at me again, even though it's my DVD and I'M the one who wanted to watch it in the first place.

In the end, I told him, You know what? YOU watch it. And once again, I find myself alone in my bedroom.
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